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Category: Chinese Dating Websites
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2 Red Beans Review

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You may be wondering why the website is called 2RedBeans.com. For Westerners, it may seem similar to the “two peas in a pod” idea. However, in Chinese culture, red beans are symbolic of romance and love. In fact, the number of red beans has a specific symbolic meaning: one red bean symbolizes a wholehearted feeling; two red beans symbolizes kindness and devotion; three red beans are used to say "I love you"; ninety-nine red beans signifies love that will last forever. So, presumably, 2RedBeans.com is intended to reference this romantic symbolism.

This Chinese dating website offers users several ways to communicate, including instant messaging or email-style correspondence. Whilst in some ways the site is pretty standard, it hits the high notes when it comes to informing its members about events and offering them discounts, providing a genuine route to real dates. The site also feels fun, with lots of pictures and funny quips as you browse. What’s more, its members are active, with men and women from around the globe (although primarily from China) logging in to chat and have fun.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the site is in Chinese. Worry not, you can quickly change to the “English” version if your Cantonese is a bit rusty. From there you can quickly create an account, though if you want to view members’ photos in detail then you’ll need to upload your own photo. As the site says, “it’s only fair, if you want to see my photos” that you are willing to upload a snap of yourself.

Once that’s done you’ll find attractive members, many of whom have uploaded several high quality pictures. This gives you a good idea of how they look, the sorts of things they enjoy and so on. From what we could discern there are no video options, which is a bit disappointing, but that’s not the end of the world. Profiles contain a lot of useful information and we were pleased to see more focus on hobbies and interests, which some dating sites forget. This is really important because a date is based on so much more than just looks: it’s about connecting. 

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to talk to, you can chat using an instant messenger or by sending an email. Free members can send up to 10 messages per day, which is pretty good in our opinion. However, non-VIP members cannot reply to your messages, so you’ll have to target VIPs if you aim to speak to someone. Of course, if you upgrade to a VIP membership then this won’t be a problem and you can talk to whomever you like, no restrictions.

Upgrading costs as little as $15.99 per month (on the 12 month plan), although the monthly plan is quite expensive at $34.99. Still, it’s not a ridiculous price, and you can even try out the VIP membership using diamonds. Diamonds can be bought or earned by performing tasks, and they allow you to get in touch with members, or to upgrade your account for a short period. This is a good way to get an idea as to whether or not you’ll benefit from a VIP profile, without having to spend anything other than a little time earning diamonds. 

2RedBeans.com doesn’t have everything. If you don’t speak a Chinese language then you might become a little unstuck here or there because parts of the site, such as particular events, don’t translate into English. However, it seems as though this site is genuinely used by people in China and people of Chinese heritage who live elsewhere in the world. So why not give the free membership a try and say hello to some VIP members?

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